Why So Sorry?


About a month ago, I was walking into a business. I pushed the door open, and another woman was exiting. We almost collided, but we did not. We each smiled and she quickly said “I’m sorry”. I said “no worries” and our moment was over. I began thinking about that exchange after my business was done, and I realized that had she not apologized, I would have. But why?  We didn’t collide. We simply walked in and out of a building at the same time. It was her first instinct and would have been mine as well.

But what if we could change that? What if I had said “oh, what a beautiful blouse!” or “your hair color is amazing!” instead of saying we are sorry for every damn thing?

What if we stopped BEING so damn sorry and put all that energy towards being happy?

How would it change our day? What kind of eventual global impact would it have?

Kindness, not apology. And I’m talking about sincere compliments. I’m willing to bet you can come up with something to say to strangers. What’s the risk, really?

I’m at a point where I’m ready. I’m ready to create a ripple effect of happiness, of kindness. I’m more than ready to stop apologizing for every damn thing.

Don’t get me wrong. If you NEED to apologize for something, by all means, do it. I’m addressing the empty apologies. Would you join me? Can you come back in a week or a month and tell me if anything changed in your world?