Turning Down the White Noise

Last week I went to the doctor for what I thought had been a 5 day migraine. I figured that I would go in and she’d give me Imitrex. Instead, she decided that it was not a migraine, but a tension headache. I’ve had a stressful year and I hold all of my stress in my shoulders and neck. She prescribed a muscle relaxer as needed, but recommended them at night. I took one that very night and woke up extremely groggy, but headache free.

I considered this a “reset” and began formulating a plan. I only want to take the muscle relaxer once in awhile, because I don’t like the groggy. So, once again, I need to figure out how to handle stress so that it doesn’t lead to muscle tension, pain, and headaches.

Part 1: I turned off all facebook notifications to my phone. I don’t feel that I can remove the app, or deactivate my account due to social media clients, but if I didn’t receive notifications constantly I felt like it would help. To be honest, I still check facebook. But now it’s once every few hours (less often if busy) and the sense of urgency is gone.

Part 2: Decrease stress in relationships. There is a lot going on in both of my primary friend groups and I had to decide how I’d handle it. Once I realized that it’s not about me, then I knew that I didn’t need to stress. I had to remove ego, (i.e. it’s not about me) and then see how it plays out. I cannot manipulate the outcome, so I will just wait.

Part 3: Heat and ice to my neck.

Part 4: Breathing and stretching exercises.

So far all is going well. I’m hoping to need the resets less frequently and I’m hoping to not stress over things that i can’t control. I’ve also been working on decluttering my home. Clutter adds to my stress.

I’ve been feeling extremely inspired and motivated to work on my art career. So as I work on that, I don’t need to be debilitated by tension headaches.