The Countdown Begins


Every year I count down to my birthday. I mark each day in some way… this year I’m turning 45, so I will count down for 45 days. Today is day 1. (By the way, this means there are only 40 days til Christmas).

This year I plan to post gratitudes publicly every day, because I feel that gratitude is important, especially in trying times. I will also write every day.  I’ve been seeking some freelance gigs, and I will be working on my novel as well.

The hope is to reach my birthday as the best possible me that I can be. I think this is a good start. So, today I’m diving in. I will try to blog more frequently but a lot of my writing will be behind the scenes until the big unveilings.

I am looking forward to my 45th year. I am looking forward to love, laughter, adventures, friends, and family. I am looking forward to joy, in all the forms it comes.