Suicide is Never Painless

20141222_110538 (1)

I have nothing poetic to say. My heart has been broken open again. I received word Friday evening that my ex husband had committed suicide. Not my boys’ dad, but my 2nd husband.

I have been hovering around the depression spectrum for weeks now, as you know. My world has been grey, I have been surrounded by good friends, in a great job, and sad to the core.

I haven’t spoken to my ex husband in a year, and before that it was longer. We were not what each other needed, but we didn’t have animosity. I always wished him well.

My heart breaks knowing he saw no other choice. My heart breaks for those who loved him. My heart breaks for the tomorrows he will never see. My heart breaks, my heart breaks, my heart breaks.

One thing I know from where I stand… suicide is never painless.