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Are You a Business Owner?

Running a business is no small task.  You spend your days and often your nights taking care of everyday tasks.  You are doing great, but you are exhausted, and at the end of the day you realize that today, again, you forgot to post on social media.  You forgot to put your cafe’s specials, forgot to highlight a new wine in your wine bar, forgot to mention the live entertainment this coming weekend or tell people about the book signing tomorrow night.

You intend to blog, to share things on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ but there simply is no time.


Let Me be Social on Your Behalf!

Let me schedule out your social media posts for you.  For a mere $7/day I will post on up to three social networks twice a day.  These posts will be based on your events, your business, your calendar, your requests.

So, in a 30 day month, that’s $210/month and you will be represented on 2-3 social media channels twice a day, every single day.

If you don’t have the accounts already set up, I can create them for you for $20/each and give you full access to them.


What About Blogging?

If you would like me to blog for you, I can do that as well.  Blog post rates vary depending on what’s needed.  If it’s a simple blog post about your business or an event, I will blog for $15/each post.  However, if it requires an interview and pictures that you would like me to take (for an artist or performer, for example) then each post is $25.


Would you like to run a contest to entice more people to like your facebook page and share your offerings? I have a special rate for that as well! Contact me today and we will talk!

Please contact me today!  Email me at  with ‘social media’ as the subject.


Testimonial from Social Media Client

I am writing this letter in regards to the outstanding efforts of Robyn Lindsey. I had contacted Robyn in order to help me with bettering my social media outreach. In the beginning I firmly believed that I could handle all of my social media needs. Boy was I ever wrong. The social media outreach was pushed everyday but I knew some how it could be better. This is where Robyn fits in. After contacting Robyn Lindsey she showed me where I could make some improvements so I put her to the test. Robyn was given a short amount of time to prove to me she could make a difference. In a week my outreach doubled. I would say since then she has improved my customer relations, communication and helped get the word out about my business in very big ways. In short, Robyn Lindsey has been nothing short of amazing.   ~Matt


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