Ironing as a Spiritual Practice


A few months ago,  I began ironing. It was while two of my sons lived with me,  along with one’s girlfriend.  I was struggling with depression and dealing with not having space.

No one goes in our room.  It’s our space,  and off limits.  It’s also generally a place where I only sleep and get dressed.  But one day,  while trying to eke out some privacy,  I decided to iron.  My love wears dress shirts when we go out and short sleeve button up shirts to work, so ironing could prove useful.

Sometimes I listen to audio books,  music or podcasts,  but generally I iron in silence.

I start with a wrinkled shirt,  and I end with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of peace.

Ironing,  sweeping,  washing dishes by hand,  kneading dough…  for me anyway,  these are all spiritual practices.  A time to breathe,  a time to think (or just to clear my head), a time to come back to myself despite anything going on anywhere else.

I’d love to hear about your spiritual practices.