Healing Takes Place

I received a call from a good friend recently. She asked for my help. I was a little unclear on exactly what she needed, but told her I’d help in any way. We arranged a time for her to come over. I knew that she had been having some issues and had a plan in mind.

She was on time, as she always is. I grabbed some tissues for the painting room and I had an easel set up with a blank canvas for her. She chose colors she wanted: a flesh tone, black, red, yellow… and she got to work. She painted efficiently as she sobbed, and her painting gave me goosebumps.  Three dark figures enveloping a girl, and a yellow light that couldn’t permeate the darkness to reach the little girl.

She told me the story behind it, and I will not retell that here, as it’s not my place. Instead, I will tell you that I guided her through some exercises. There were a lot of tears, and I could literally see her healing begin. After I time I handed her a pocket knife and she slashed the painting to pieces.

I carried the paintings (she actually painted two) to the fire pit where she was waiting. I felt the flaps of canvas on the one she cut and noticed the child was completely intact, though the rest of the canvas was completely shredded. More goosebumps.

She lit the canvases and we watched them burn. Sobs and tears. When she left, she looked taller than when she came. I’ve checked on her and she is doing great. I’m so thankful for friends who are not afraid to ask for what they need from me. And I’m thankful for my healing spirit and my ability to lead when needed.