Why would you choose me as a personal coach? See what one of my clients said:

Robyn is an amazing personal coach! She is a complete coach — patient and kind, compassionate and open, encouraging and supportive. She’s an incredible listener and has a fantastic way of taking in your words and reflecting thoughts and ideas back to you. Robyn has this uncanny ability to tie all the rambling thoughts and loose ends I have in my head and not only make it coherent, but also provide it with depth and meaning. It’s not before long when I realized subtle changes had started to take place. She has helped me expand my own beliefs about who I am and the capacity to which I can become. With Robyn as a life coach, there is no goal too big or small to accomplish. Robyn helps me realize those goals, then she helps me achieve them. For that I am thankful to have Robyn as my personal coach. Alana

What can you expect from a coaching session with me:

Prior to our first session, I will email you some basic questions. These questions will help me to get to know what you are struggling with so that we have a solid starting point. We will meet on skype, phone, or email.

You can expect a non-judgmental, safe environment. And of course, you can depend on confidentiality. Each session will be 45-60 minutes long. The coaching packages also include email support in between sessions.

I am not a relationship therapist, nor am I a sex therapist. I am certified to help you work through grief and/or be more empowered!


You can test drive a live session for $65 for one session.

We will meet via phone or skype for approximately 1 hour.



Or you can go more in depth with a monthly plan (4 weekly sessions) for $375/mo.  (Anything after first session will be the monthly rate)


I also have an email coaching package.   This requires one skype or phone meeting, then all of the coaching will be done via email.   Email packages are only available on a per month basis at $300/month.   Excellent package for the busy person who wants to strive for a better life!

Once purchase is made, I will contact you to schedule.

For all packages, I have a satisfaction guarantee.  If you don’t feel empowered after two sessions, I will refund your money.

Please contact me at for more info on my coaching.

Let me help you to step into your greatness!

This page details the packages that I offer to help you to soar.