Coaching Testimonials

It has been an absolute blessing to work with Robyn.  I came to her during a time of deep desperation.  Her encouraging words, amazing insight and journal prompts quickly gave me a clear view of the underlying issue that was holding me back.  Not only did Robyn help me make plans to reach my goals, but she helped me realize why those goals were important to me.  We were able to go so much deeper than I had expected, finding internal struggles that I didn’t even know to look for.  The e-mail coaching package was perfect for my crazy schedule; I was able to work on things in my own way, during my own time, at my own pace.  Robyn’s flexibility went above and beyond my expectations.    The time I had with Robyn changed me and put me on a better, clearer, empowered path toward my future.- Rebecca

When I signed up for personal life and grief coaching with Robyn I had no idea what to expect. It was a truly great experience! Robyn is real, she is sincere and just like all of us has good days and down days and she made the experience something that I really needed. It was like talking with a good friend who gave me sound advice and guided me to find my own answers and path. without judgement. I truly appreciated her wisdom and guidance during a very difficult time. I would recommend her services to anyone and encourage all to at least give it a try. I am excited to move forth and continue my relationship with Robyn…she has taught me much that maybe I knew but wasn’t giving myself recognition for and I couldn’t be more satisfied and thrilled with her service and her friendship. She has taught me the simple healing power of Love…sooo…. I Love – Julie Benois – Sage

Robyn is utterly amazing! I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in her class twice and she coaches me on a regular basis. Each and every time she guides me, I discover so many new things about myself. Never in my life have I met a person who is so caring, genuine, and sincerely interested in helping people discover their potential! Without her guidance and help, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. If you have any issues, self-doubts, or just want to explore your soul a little bit further, she can help you do it!! —Theresa

Robyn is an inspiration! She is an amazing woman, full of wisdom and insight. I have had the pleasure to partake in one of her classes and through her encouragement and support I have broken through many boundaries that I had erected and didn’t even realize. She continues to coach me and provide that added support I need on those “oh crap” days. Also through her and her business I have found a very strong group of women whom I consider my circle of trust friends, those that I share my triumphs and issues with and whom all provide nothing but positive support and feedback. There is not a crazy maker in the bunch. (not sure what a crazy maker is, talk to Robyn she will help you) Robyn pushes me to face my fears and attain those goals that have eluded me for years. I am a happier woman, I have a happier, more fulfilled life and it’s thanks to her and her support and empowering guidance. I will continue to turn to her when I need that extra push, for that guidance when I am floundering and just for overall empowering support. —Miranda

Robyn is an amazing personal coach! She is a complete coach — patient and kind, compassionate and open, encouraging and supportive. She’s an incredible listener and has a fantastic way of taking in your words and reflecting thoughts and ideas back to you. Robyn has this uncanny ability to tie all the rambling thoughts and loose ends I have in my head and not only make it coherent, but also provide it with depth and meaning. It’s not before long when I realized subtle changes had started to take place. She has helped me expand my own beliefs about who I am and the capacity to which I can become. With Robyn as a life coach, there is no goal too big or small to accomplish. Robyn helps me realize those goals, then she helps me achieve them. For that I am thankful to have Robyn as my personal coach. —Alana

Through her Artist Empowerment class, introducing me to powerful eye-opening tools, and simple encouragement, Robyn has gently led me through the veils that have been covering my ability to grow. She’s made me realize that floating along on the winds of life won’t make me magically appear at the gates of success or happiness. She has helped me choose to be the person and the artist that I was meant to be. Robyn has an uncanny ability to nudge with the perfect amount of pressure, making sure I stay focused on my path. I look forward to having Robyn as a Coach, and a friend, for life. —Rebecca