Blue Snake Fortunes

Recently I met Anthony, the owner of Blue Snake Fortunes and I was so impressed by him that I want to share him with all of you! I asked if I could post an interview and he kindly agreed.

First a little blurb about him:

“When I was younger I bought a deck of tarot cards at a Renaissance faire. I took them to school and an older classmate was able to do a reading for me. I was captivated by her ability to flawlessly read the cards and use them to tell a story. I knew this was something I wanted to learn.

I found myself able to naturally understand the cards story and their meaning. My shop is a way for me to do something I love. I genuinely enjoy helping people and often a person’s problem can be so big to them, they can’t see the solution is staring them in the face. Reading tarot is a way for me to help others. I started with giving readings to family and friends as a hobby. Not long ago, I decided to open an online shop to help those in need as well as test my abilities for those that I don’t know personally and that also do not know me.”

And now my interview:

How did you get here?

~ I got here through following my heart. I know, it sounds corny, but it’s the truth. I met a beautiful woman who helped me follow my passion rather than force me to do something just to survive. I’ve learned quite a bit since my younger days, such as how to balance the heart and mind as well as how to listen to my instincts.

As a child, did you have an imaginary friend?

~ I don’t think I ever did. As a kid, I spent most of my time playing video games.

What drew you to the tarot?
~ I was drawn to tarot because the same 78 cards in tarot can become something so personal due to their many interpretations. Every fortune is dependent on the reader and the asker. Even if you get the same cards, their meanings could be completely different based on the question.

If you were a cat, what would your special cat ability be?

~ The ability to move quietly no matter where I go. I love that quality about cats.

How long have you been doing what you do?
~ I have dabbled with tarot for about 7 years, but about a year ago I was given the opportunity to refine my skills until I felt confident enough to open a shop.

What has been the most memorable moment for you in your business?
~ The most heartwarming moment for me was a woman who requested the “take a good look spread” to analyze her current situation and what needed to be done. She returned a little over a month later to thank me. It wasn’t disclosed at the time, but she and her husband were trying to have children. She wanted to let me know she was finally able to relax and was now pregnant.

What is the most common inquiry you receive?

~ I commonly have been asked “What is my future?” or “What does the universe want me to know?” These questions are a bit too open ended to give a proper answer. The universe may want you to know something, but our cards could say “Focus more.” Then a person could start to focus on the wrong area of their life. Such as their relationship could be falling apart because they are workaholics, and when told to “focus more” they think it is about work when in reality they need to focus more on their relationship.

Where can we find you?
~ Our shop can be found on Storenvy at
We also can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What’s the oddest question you’ve ever received?
~ I haven’t received any outlandish questions (yet) though I assume it’s because people are reluctant to reveal that side of themselves to a stranger. However, our shop is 100% confidential and judge free. We do not give out a person’s information or their story unless given permission. This is a safe space for everyone.