I see you.

You have dreams and goals, often really big ones…

but you haven’t stepped into your greatness fully.

every time you try, there are speed bumps.

something else always needs your attention, someone else.

Guess what?

I can help you get there!

Let me help you deal with crazy-makers, time management,

dreams, goals, and giving yourself permission.

Let me help you

to soar!

I have been a Certified Life Coach specializing in Empowerment for 5 years.

I began by teaching an online Artist Empowerment Class,

then moved into 1 on 1 coaching.

Today I offer 1 on 1 coaching through phone or skype

And I have an email coaching package!  (with 1 phone or skype meeting to kick it off)

Not quite ready to soar just yet?

Work through one of my guided journals

They are amazing resources, and will help.  The fastest forward movement though, will be through coaching.

Are you ready to soar?

 See what I can do for you!

Come over to my coaching page.

Empowerment coaching sessions to help you soar! Grief coaching to help you move beyond the pain.